The story of a photographer

Here are a few things you should know about me: I love pumpkin spice lattes (probably a little more than I should).

I have been a theatre nerd since I was a young child - being in front of an audience and making people feel something has always brought me a sense of purpose.

I love Halloween - well, the whole fall season in general - and Nightmare Before Christmas is the best Halloween movie. Ever.

I love cooking, and hosting parties: any excuse to get people together to have a good time.

I firmly believe there is a difference between getting a product and having an experience. A beautiful photo should bring you back to a moment in time - the smile a bride flashes to her groom, or a spontaneous dance party after a great song comes on. These are things that deserved to be remembered, and preserved, and cared for. I consider it a great honor to be part of these moments, both in making them happen and keeping them safe.

I believe the best thing someone can wear is a genuine smile. It's beautiful, and so are you.